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The principle of a recycled recreational container

We recycle real containers to transform them into living spaces adapted to needs. These imposing metal containers can then be used and ajusted in several ways to create various original and unique structures. Depending on the desired decor, the inner walls of the container can be more or less visible. The exterior walls can be exposed, painted or covered with other materials to completely change the look of the structure. Whether it’s for a rustic, contemporary or industrial style, the possibilities are almost endless for the recycled recreational container of your dreams.

The main advantages of recycled recreational container

Architectural and modular versatility

Our shipping containers are extra strong and can be stacked in almost any layout. They can therefore come in a number of sizes, heights and styles. In addition to being affordable and ecological, the recreational containers are quick to build and offer endless architectural and design possibilities.

Leave your Ecological Footprint with this type of home

Recreational containers are associated with an ecological initiative. In addition to reusing an already existing container, most projects promote renewable energy (solar system), green roofs and carbon footprint reduction.

Urban planning regulations

Recreational containers generally pose less of a problem when it comes to complying with the planning regulations of most cities.

Our architectural design and design service

Phanie Richard is a designer in architecture and interior design for the development of the 3D plans necessary for the design of your custom project! She has also specialized in the analysis and design of wood frame construction for more than 10 years. She will accompany you and advise you from start to finish in your project, in order to create a unique concept in your image with ease. Whether for the choice of materials, the interior and exterior finish, kitchen and bathroom up to date. The possibility of several structures, a large patio on top of a container and several other options are available to you.
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Our contractor partners

We have proud collaborators, members of the RBQ construction who are our partners for the design of your dreams! Our constructions are adapted to the needs according to the places of construction while respecting the standards of the construction! Our turnkey services from project management, mechanical and structural engineering, carpentry, interior finishing to landscaping, Struc Design is committed to ensuring the complete satisfaction of its customers.

Struc Design is able to carry out a high quality project with a high level of attention to detail in a transparent execution, all accompanied by an atmosphere.

Everything is possible with Struc Design, it only takes your imagination to build the recreational container of your dreams. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation