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Born of young entrepreneurs already well established in the field of construction and in the field of business, Struc Design is an innovative company from Quebec. On the one hand with its expertise in Architecture and Building Design and on the other hand by its expertise in business development, specializing in real estate sales advice. We are creative and socially involved! We care about the relationships and the impact we will have in this world.

Our values and our eco-responsible solutions

The air and the earth needs ecological and eco-responsible change, we offer multiple ways of recovery of maritime containers in order to transform them for the human need at the level of the dwelling or multiple installation. We are currently collaborating with people, entrepreneurs, investors to create a container space for them that meets their needs while respecting the environment by maximizing recycling and eco-responsibility, because this is our vision for the future.

Accessibility and the advantages of building from recycled containers! Plain load-bearing wall, can be covered, insulation adapted to our climates, network of contractors, for self-builders or turnkey projects, site monitoring (advisor/project manager).

Can be installed in a flood-prone/non-constructible zone

Can have it all in a small space
Can be moved
Adjusts as needed
Expands according to budget
Installs where it is difficult to reach
Unique (gain value)
Can overlap (other interior and exterior materials)
Green eco responsible
First home
Live in nature
Small space
Remote area
Project development (real estate investor)

Our partners

We have proud collaborators, members of the RBQ construction who will be our partners for the design of your dreams! Our constructions are adapted to the needs according to the places of construction while respecting the standards of the construction! We want to discover new ways of living and exploiting the already existing resources of maritime containers by contributing to the well-being and needs of people and businesses by modifying them for various.

Type of dwelling or facility

Secondary chalet
Rental chalet

Recreational containers for seniors

Rustic park cabin
Tiny house
Summer terrace (kitchen/living room)
Mobile trailer (10-20-40’)
Worker camp
Construction camp
Custom maple shack
Custom fastfood restaurant
Vacation camp
Cryptocurrency container
Lodging in the forest and remote or inaccessible area
Custom garage and warehouse
Tailor-made recreational tourism and recreational forestry project
Several models and options are available to you!

View our models

turnkey project

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